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Weight Loss or Hope Loss?

Are you tired of diets, quick fixes, miracle supplements, surgeries and food plans promising you weight loss solutions? You are not alone.

As it is stated in Psychology Today,”Practically anyone can lose weight. But those who keep it off are rare species. Theirs is not an entirely phenomenon—they stay slim by maintaining the behaviors that got them there. They eat healthier foods, decrease portion sizes and exercise. But how, exactly, do they keep it up? The answer suggests a psychological overhaul as much as a physical one.”

It is true that unless you make a commitment to a psychological makeover your weight loss program will not work. First, try to determine why you eat and how you use food. Do you live to eat or eat to live?

Attitude is everything. When you crave something, it is very often not because you are hungry, it’s because you are stressed, bored, anxious, feeling lonely, confused, threatened or are just thinking about something and want it.

Here are some things that could work to overcome cravings:

  1. Recognize your triggers.
  2. Ask yourself if you are truly hungry.
  3. If you are hungry, choose a healthy option.
  4. If you really want what you really want, chose a smaller portion of it.
  5. Distract yourself with a pleasurable activity. Really open your eyes to something beautiful around you like flowers, trees etc, and just observe for a minute.
  6. Avoid using food as a reward.
  7. Plan and visualize your response to parties when there is pressure to eat larger quantities.
  8. Check with your doctor for underlying medical conditions, such as hormonal imbalance.
  9. Join a supervised program. This helps to get back on the wagon every time you fall off.
  10. Do not ever punish yourself or give up trying.


Look up Dr. Phil’s “Ultimate Weight Loss Solution: the 7 Keys to Freedom” to better understand the psychology of weight loss. Psychology Today also has an excellent article about mastering the motivation and inspiration to stick to your goals. http://www.psychologytoday.com/articles/200401/weight-loss-and-faulty-thinking.

Healthy lifestyle starts with your mindset. Breaking old patterns can free you to be slim by choice.

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