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Cabbage And Cancer

Studies show that cruciferous vegetables protect against Cancer.

Despite the name, cruciferous vegetables have nothing to do with religion. Actually, they are simply the category of vegetables that include broccoli, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, cabbage and kale. According to the science know-it-alls, these little veggies neutralize dangerous breakdown products of estrogen that promote cancer growth. Not only that ­– they contain I3C (indole-3-carbinol). It’s recommended that if you want to restore youthful hormone balance, make sure to obtain enough I3C by eating these types of vegetables, or if you can’t stand the taste of broccoli, get a hold of some supplements.

Here’s how it works: there are two types of estrogen metabolite, one is good, but the other is bad. The good one is called 2-hydroxyestrone and the bad one is 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone. The latter promotes breast cancer and other cancers. So, if your body obtains 2-hydroxyestrone, your risk of cancer decreases; if contains 16-alpha-hydroxyestrone, your risk of cancer increases.

Additionally, after scientists analyzed data from 10,000 Italian women (we’re not sure why Italian), they concluded that the estrogen metabolized via the 2-hydroxyestrone pathway could prevent tumor growth. Furthermore, the study conducted at the University of California at Berkley documented that I3C, in combination with the anti-estrogenic chemotherapeutic agent, tamoxifen, suppresses the growth of human breast cancer cells by an astounding 90%. The National Cancer Institute determined that I3C was superior to 80 other natural substances with regard to anti-cancer potential.

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